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Noah Emhurt
Saturday, November 14 through Thursday, December 17, 2020

In the Artist's Words

I’d say the current style that I’m painting in is an attempt to unlearn everything that I’ve accomplished up until now. I’m looking for change, new avenues. How else can an artist discover? It seems I’m no longer interested in the act of painting but rather the evolution itself. Painting has become a vehicle.

There are only two things that I’m certain of when it comes to a painting: when to start the piece, and when to finish. Everything in between seems to be out of my hands. Painting is merely an accumulation of experiences, who I am as a person and how much of that I want the viewer to see. What you see on canvas is simply choices that I’ve made laid out in color.  
As far as the actual process, I often start with a background full of experiments or a chosen image. Initially, I try to keep it as chaotic as possible. I bury myself. From there, I hope to make sense of it all, digging myself out with each subsequent layer. I try to keep things as chaotic as possible.

There's an internal struggle of letting things be wild while at the same time balancing bold imagery. This juxtaposition, though probably cliche, has always been at the forefront of my work. 

I’m constantly searching for new looks and ways of applying paint. If it doesn’t work, it’s painted over and replaced. It’s a constant process of failures. After all, painting is basic math: addition and subtraction.  

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