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About Our Gallery

Mission & History

The gallery boasts an extensive collection from artists specializing in painting, sculpture,        photography, and mixed media art.  The artistic styles and media exhibited include both abstract and representational imagery, water-color,        oil/acrylic paint(s), wood, paper, prints and            collage.  It offers a diverse selection of local,     national, and international artists  showcasing        an expansive range of original art at affordable     prices.  It is a great cultural hub for artists,       collectors, and other like-minded individuals to    come together, mingle and enjoy art at its finest!                 



I have been a gallery owner for 18 years and just reopened a new beautiful space in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. I organized art events and pop-up exhibitions in hotels, museums, and universities. Coupled with my experience as an art adviser, I have a passion for helping people to grow a new art collection or redecorate their homes. The artists I am representing are from all over the world and they are very special.


Opening Hours

Come Visit

Wed-Sat  12pm - 6pm

Or by appointment call 412 407 9319

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