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Marietta Amantangelo

Metta is an intuitive energy artist, gifted with automatic drawing of higher vibration Symbols and the language of light conveyed through her. She draws Symbols “shown” to her as they appear in her “mind’s eye.” Once these magnificent, spiritual Symbols are drawn, she digitally interprets the drawings, being guided throughout.


These "Sacred Symbols" carry high vibrational frequencies and act as containers for them. The frequencies are about love, giving, receiving, joy, playfulness, fun, openness, and lightness of the heart. 

They are based on Sacred Geometry, the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters, and benevolent evolved intergalactic races. When looking at a Symbol, the energy of the Symbol can be felt as a deep inner resonance or as a “knowing.” The symbols that resonate most with an individual are the specific frequencies needed at the time. 

Metta has channeled Sacred Symbols for specific requests from individuals. She has also channeled personal Symbols while doing an intuitive reading or meditating in preparation for a reading. Most personalized Symbols serve a dual purpose for the individual and the collective. 

She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Healer, Medium, and trained Aura/Chakra
Reader. She is also a woman of science. Over her 30+ professional years, she has been a Registered Dietitian, Health and Wellness Professor, and Certified Wellness Coach. At this point in her career, she combines her insightful intuitive abilities and energetic healing modalities in her wellness and soul coaching work to ensure that the merger of science and spirit forms her unique “alchemy.” She helps individuals “dig deep” and find their most authentic sense of self and assists in healing themselves into balance.

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