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Titus Le Pese-Nerf

Artist resume

Titus is a multi-talented individual who graduated in Philosophy, Theology and Art. After living in London, he found his artistic haven in the picturesque province of Burgundy, France.

He started painting at the age of 6, and he has not done anything other than trying to root out a lingering pain deeply hidden in the dark nights that covers his parents and loved ones… 

Titus likes to challenge a deaf or proud individual to undo his creation and help his artistic expression to rebirth into an infinite compassion, forgiveness and love.

The archetype of the Woman as a spiritual warrior is a strong source of inspiration in his paintings and sculptures, where his mystical and fairy imagery reflect the Higher Sacred Feminine through different artistic forms and mediums.

His extensive teaching experience at the renowned “des Beaux Arts” academy ensures the maturity of his work.

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