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It is typical to see destruction and buildings dying in decay while walking along Old Havana or even almost any other place in Cuba.
My country is getting rotten, rotten by a failed system and people who care not about citizens' fate.
My city is missing its beauty and the pass of time is not sparing it.
The sad thing about this is that every time a building collapses it takes many lives away too.
This painting represents the decay of this dictatorial system imposed on us without any right to stand against.
1959 is our dooms year, and so far it's been 63 years of suffering, destruction, families divided and blood shed.
You'll see how the dog laying on the doorway is being touched slightly by the light and suddenly the darkness around could be ended!
No Cuban believes the lie anymore, and almost everyone is eager for a change.

Roly Cartelliny-Happily Forlorn

  •  Oil on canvas   2022
     47.¼ “ x 31.5”   was $2000  Now $1400

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