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Jailbreak iOS 10-10.3.4 with h3lix and Cydia: A Complete Tutorial

If you don't own a computer you can install H3lix Jailbreak app with web links. This method uses an enterprise certificate that is regularly revoked by Apple. It means that the jailbreak tool will stop opening. We provide for you a few direct download links for H3lix. If the links are not working, try again in the next 24h.

h3lix download ipad 4

h3lix is the only semi untethered jailbreak tool released for 32 bit iOS devices running on iOS 10.0.1 - 10.3.4. This was released by tihmstar in last December and it is reported that another developer, BSparkes who has not been satisfied only with this 32bit supported jailbreak is working on releasing a 64 bit.

How to jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 with a computer? You may sideload IPA files using Sideloadly, a Cydia Impactor substitute, over Wi-Fi. There is no difference in the process whether you downloaded the macOS and otherwise Windows version.

The h3lix no computer uses the V0rtex vulnerability, which enables semi-untethered jailbreaking. H3lix untethered to access all functions, you must re-jailbreak the iOS 10 operating system with each restart of your iDevice. This Cydia app is installed by H3lix, gives you instant access to customizations and applications from well-known repositories.

The headphone jack-equipped iPhones running iOS 10 through iOS 10.3.4 are supported by doubleH3lix jailbreak RC8 for A7-A9 devices. With h3lix iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak you may browse the top Cydia Repos with tweaks, applications, iOS themes, and other freebies by using the same capabilities as if you had Cydia installed on your iPhone or iPad.

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You can now download h3lix, the iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak teased earlier this month by developer tihmstar and siguza, for all compatible 32-bit devices. This is the first public jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3 and is semi-untethered in nature.

Moreover, If you have a computer, you can download the Helix Jailbreak IPA file to your computer and sideload it using Cydia Impactor. We have published an article about the ultimate guide to using Cydia Impactor. Make sure to read the article first and follow the instructions.

Moreover, If you want to install h3lix jailbreak without using Apple ID, you can follow the install h3lix jailbreak without the computer method mentioned above. It does not ask for an Apple ID for installation.

h3lix jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3 is now available for all the 32-bit iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. If you want to know how to jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 using h3lix jailbreak on any compatible iOS device, then follow the step-by-step instructions after the jump.

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As mentioned earlier, h3lix jailbreak is a semi-untethered jailbreak, which means the jailbreak will stop working after every reboot. Any jailbreak app or tweak will stop working after the restart. To re-enter the jailbreak mode, you will need to launch the h3lix jailbreak app and follow the on-screen instruction to re-jailbreak.

Note: you only need the h3lix jailbreak app whenever you reboot the device for re-jailbreaking purposes. Even when the app has expired after 7 days, and you do not reboot your device, the jailbreak will keep on working. You would need the app whenever you restart.

If you are presented with a button with the option to "try again," note the download progress up to the point where the error occurred, and tap "try again." The error may return, but if the progress has advanced, then keep tapping "try again" over and over until the app is fully downloaded. After doing so, the problem may not return at all for future app updates.


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