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The "naval aircrewman" rating was originally called the "Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator" rating (AW) and was established on 1 Sep 1968 by BuPers Note 1440 of 29 Feb 1968 and was redesignated Aviation Warfare Systems Operator by BuPers Note 1440 of 16 Nov 1993, without change of abbreviation. NavAdmin 092/05 of 2 May 2005 directed the consolidation of Enlisted Naval Aircrew (NAC) ratings into Naval Aircrewman (AW) with five subspecialities and eliminated the Aviation Warfare Systems Operator designation. [2]


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I am wanting to do aircrewman NOS a510. I live in Missouri and I am in the process of enlisting in the reserves I am scheduled to go to MEPS this coming Tuesday is this job going to be available to me as a reservist that lives in Missouri? Thank you very much in advance for the help and also how long can I expect my training to last beginning to end if it is available

The rendezvous for the return is made and you fly hack to your ship. After landing, you give your report to the interrogation officer. You have knocked down an enemy plane: you havedone your job as an aircrewman. Those weeks of training have paid off.

As a non-pilot chief aircrewman (non-rated crewmember/NRCM), I have spent the past six years developing an international-standard air ambulance service in Guatemala. In my spare time, I teach local special forces and civil helicopter crews.

I am a United States Naval Aircrewman. My country has built me the finest aircraft known to man. They have entrusted me to use it to keep our country free. With my Honor, Courage, and Commitment, my aircraft will be able to perform any task. I will always remember that I am part of an unbeatable team, the United States Naval Aircrew Team. Being an aircrewman is not an easy job. When I am cold, hot, or tired, I will not fail my crew. When flying, I will be ever diligent and watchful to keep my crew safe. If we fly into battle, may the heavens watch over our crew and protect us from the enemy so that we may fly again. 041b061a72

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