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Buy D Ring Belt ##VERIFIED##

The D Ring Belts are types of belts designed with D links instead of the traditional belt buckle. The accessory that comes with D loop-shaped buckle has become quite popular nowadays. It is both comfortable to wear and yet practical enough for all your daily attire or uniform. In addition, the D-ring design creates no holes in your leather belt and is fully adjustable to your desired length. The double D-ring belt goes well with modern street-casual, grunge, military, and casual style.

buy d ring belt


Such a timeless, favorite belt is simple and very easy to use. In order to fasten such a belt, you should simply pull the loose end of the belt through the pair of rings, going over the closest ring and under the second ring until it feels tight, and then tuck the loose end of the belt through the closest belt loop on your pants/jeans to firmly pinch into place.

All the D-ring belts from this product category are expertly crafted out of genuine leather and detailed with solid metal belt hardware for belt longevity and a sophisticated look. Made on the latest fashion trends, they are of excellent quality, durable & well wearing, and look great.

Our hand made leather double ring belts are available with O rings or D rings. O rings are available in brass and chrome over solid brass. The D ring belt can be ordered with brass, nickel or stainless steel D-rings.

As shown in the picture to the right the tongue of this belt is reversed in order to have the top grain of leather showing when the belt is cinched through the double ring buckle. The tongue is stitched to the belts body with heavy duty nylon thread. Below is a black harness leather with D-rings. Note the reverse tongue so the top grain shows when the belt is cinched. The next picture show the inside (flesh side) of the belt. Again, you can see how the tonue is a a sepeate piece of leather that is reversed and sewn to the base strap so when it is cinched the front top side shown.

A ring belt does not have holes cut in the tongue. Although in order to get the correct measurement please use this diagram to determine the measurement I need. Measure from the buckle to the hole you normally use. This may not be the middle hole of your belt.

Finally a D-Ring belt that is both comfortable to wear and yet rigid enough for all your gear. Klik Belts exclusively use the military proven D-Ring Cobra buckle which is rated at a load of 4000lbs. Using 2 plies of 1 1/2" tightly woven nylon webbing, this belt can get you out of the worst situations.

Disclaimer: This belt as a complete assembly is not yet labeled or certified for climbing or use as Life Saving Equipment. The Cobra buckle has been ANSI certified but the belt as a complete unit has not yet been certified.

The 4 D-Ring Tradition Belt is made on the same principals of our classic 2 D-Ring Tradition Belt.This belt has the same "broken-in" feel as our 2 D-Ring Tradition belt, but features 4 D-Rings. The placement of the 4 D-Rings is two at the top of the belt, and two at the bottom of the belt, which is the traditional location. The 2 additional D-Rings located at the top provide a place to park your secondary safety.

The all-leather lineman's belt not only has a leather exterior, but features a padded leather interior as well.This style 4 D-Ring belt features two belts, at the top and the bottom. The top and bottom belt features the classic tongue buckle.

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This fun colorful style fabric was selected by us and made for you! This fabric belt is from our Signature Series Line. Each belt is hand made and made to order. Easily show off your casual style and pair this belt with any style khakis, jeans or your favorite cargo short. Each belt is hand made in the U.S.A and made to order. This belt is pictured with our polished steel d-rings. Other buckle options and webbing colors are available in the drop down menus.

Being one of the final pieces we put on each day before heading out the door, belts can often be overlooked and under-appreciated in your wardrobe. Instead, we think belts should be valued and worn with the same discernment as all of the other pieces of clothing we wear.

There's no hiding our love for d-ring & o-ring belts here at Junior's. This specific belt has been on the "to-do" list for a long while. A recent Summer visit to Florence, Italy finally saw the vision come together. Working with a small belt maker in the Tuscany region of Italy, we were finally able to add this belt to our lineup and only expect to add more from here. A few objectives when creating this belt were the obvious brown suede but also the slightly more narrow width and the soft almost unconstructed feel of the belt. Check, check and check! Sure, it can seem like a casual belt to most and that is where its strength lies. However, we love to pair this belt with a pair of dress trousers and a tweed sport coat, denim and a madras sport shirt or even a suit and tie if you're feeling rakish.

We recommend a belt the same size as your pants. If you wear 32" pants then order a 32" belt. These belts will adjust outward several inches but don't get much smaller than the size you order. If you are planning to lose weight soon, order a belt a size smaller and it will still adjust outward a couple inches to currently fit you but you will be able to wear it smaller later on.

Do I Need A Velcro Liner or Not?We get a lot of questions about whether or not a velcro liner is needed. The velcro liner is there so that all SOE (and most other manufactures) belt attachable pouches have oposing velcro to mate together and prevent the pouches from sliding side to side. If you are only using kydex holsters and mag pouches you do not need the velcro lines. Adding the velcro liner will make the belt a little bit stiffer.

If you want a different color of thread other than the matching color of the belt you need to add it here: -contrasting-color-up-charge

A 2" inner belt will come standard with all Ronin gun belts. The 2" inner was cut for military style combat pants issued to the military. The 2" inner belt will not fit certain standard civilian pants size loops and for these release we offer the 1.5" inner.

When sizing for this belt, it is important that you select the right size based upon an accurate measurement of your waist size. Measure the area where you will wear your belt. Do not compensate for a larger size to fit around clothing. All Ronin belts are made to ensure adjustment space for proper fitting.

Handcrafted from reclaimed rugged seat belts. Industrial strength snaps make this waist belt heavy duty, including five sets of snaps to fit you just right. Slide on our signature U-Lock Holster, Belt... 041b061a72


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