William Rock

William Rock taught himself to sculpt and paint by visiting museums around the world.  He also has had the opportunity to study, as well as teach with, Tibetan and Chinese monks as well as artists, writers, and poets of the various spiritual and philosophical disciplines. His art has been exhibited within the USA, as well as internationally, where he has spoken and taught extensively on the nature of creativity, mysticism, and art.

“With sculpture, my interest is the human figure. I taught myself to sculpt by doing and by studying the origins and history of sculpture. I sat for hours with The Venus of Willendorf in Vienna. I spent many months studying classical Greek sculpture in the Louvre.  I contemplated Michelangelo’s work in Florence. I was at the Rodin Museum almost every day for a year.  I developed a genuine insight into form and light and what makes sculpture come alive. After that, I studied Eastern art and sculpture in places like The Musee Guimet in Paris and The Rubin Museum in New York City. Then I spent years making sculpture. Many years. Casting my sculpture in bronze is where it finally fully embraced a genuine sense of the eternal. The way light engages a bronze figurative piece is pure transcendence and bronze sculpture can last thousands of years. Sculpture is a great gift to us to celebrate our shared humanity and it also communicates an enduring sense of our origins and diverse cultural history.”

William Rock is the founder of Art and Inspiration International, a non-profit organization that promotes the arts, creativity, education, charity, dialogue, and cross-cultural collaboration. He is also the author of the book, Art and The Transcendent Self.