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Titus Le Pese-Nerf

Titus has been painting since he was an orphan at the age of 6. After university studies in philosophy, he moved to the United Kingdom with a group of artists with whom he already works in France. He will follow an artistic career in Cambridge while being present with the underground artists of London with whom he lives. Unclassified artist, he is never found where one expects him: classical painter here, we discover him on very conceptual works on an experimental theater stage, at the end of Europe!

He currently lives in France in Dijon. Very discreet, the artist hates the shamelessness of virtual social networks. He specifies: “My works are more important than me. Art is neither virtual, nor a panoply, nor a posture, it is a condition. It is for the artist  to accept it modestly and humbly.

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