Susan Winicour

Susan was born in Brooklyn, NY, where her artistic talent was acknowledged at a young age. She studied at the Brooklyn Museum School and was taught by the famous German Expressionist Max Beckmann. In high school, Susan won the Mademoiselle Magazine National Art Contest which awarded her a full scholarship to Syracuse University. She was awarded another scholarship for her masters from Columbia University Teachers College. Susan went on to win many more awards, including fellowships to paint in Italy and Mexico. Her work has been exhibited across the US and Europe. In the years preceding her death, Susan spent winters working at the Bethanien Printmaking Studio in Berlin, Germany. Beckman’s early influence of German expressionism stayed with Susan throughout her life. Like the expressionist artists that inspired her, Susan’s work expresses meaning or emotional experience rather than physical reality. Her work marries the serious nature of German Expressionism with human whimsy.