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Freedom away talks about the situation in Cuba and how Cubans has only found freedom going abroad our borders, and the speaker, is an illustration of the song "Patria y Vida".  Also, you will see at the bottom right side painted a number, which is 144.841 Km, which is the 90 miles from Cuba to Florida, where thousands of Cubans have found Freedom.  The wave ocean represents how tough it is to leave your beloved ones behind and face the certain death that this journey for Freedom can be.


It's about the vision we have of our daily situation, dealing with unrighteousness and been mistreated by those who are supposed to be there to protect us.

Sadness, sorrow and frustration is what characterize the mind idea that lead us to want to move ahead beyond the storm.


The fishermen are ready with their bags as his only possession to jump into the waters and escape from the storm he's actually living in.  No matter the cost.