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Roly Castelliny

Dancing Waves 3, 150cm x 80cm,  Oil on Canvas, 2021.jpg

Dancing Waves

Giant oppressor

Freedom away talks about the situation in Cuba and how Cubans has only found freedom going abroad our borders, and the speaker, is an illustration of the song "Patria y Vida".  Also, you will see at the bottom right side painted a number, which is 144.841 Km, which is the 90 miles from Cuba to Florida, where thousands of Cubans have found Freedom.  The wave ocean represents how tough it is to leave your beloved ones behind and face the certain death that this journey for Freedom can be.

"I had a dream"A painting that shows the sad reality of thousands of fathers who have lost their lives in the sea trying to reach their freedom across the ocean to have the chance to provide a better future for their families. Fleeing Cuba, mostly of them just find their end leaving behind their loved ones.  This painting came to me in my dreams, and I wanted to honor my people through my art.

"Wasted Lives":  Food shortages in Cuba becoming a daily issue and seeing people desperate and trying to find something to eat is now a common sight in our country. Those who are more prompt to be suffering this situation are older people, to whom the system has constantly failed and now are on their own without any hope or any improvement in their lives.

"Dancing Waves": One of my biggest passions, the be floating upside in the open sea is magical, this is the kind of paintings I'll probably dedicate my career as I've the dream to become an Hyper-realistic artist.
When I feel stressed this is what I keeps me calm, it keeps me away from the grim reality that surround me and it gives me inspiration!!

Wasted lives

I had a dream

Endless Tides

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