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Robert A. Ripps

Born and raised in NYC, Robert A. Ripps personal work explores the interaction and intersection of nature and the man-made world, both visually, as well as technically. Since graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with BFA in photography, he has worked as a commercial photographer, while at the same time, working on diverse personal projects.
Along the way, he explored the emerging digital technology by taking courses at the Center for Creative Imaging (CCI) in Camden, ME, studying Creative Imaging and Intermediate Imaging. He has continued to expanded his artistic vision by studying with Elizabeth Opalenik, Susan Slotter, and Connie Imboden at the Maine Photographic Workshops (now Maine Media College), in Rockport, ME.
In his first book, SHE’S OUT THERE! The Next Generation of Presidential Candidates, Robert spent nine months capturing portraits of all 35 young female subjects in locations ranging from an oyster boat off the coast of Maine to an observatory in Berkley, from a protest march in Texas to an Army firing range in Virginia.
His next book, Urban Trees, treats the trees as the tenacious urbanites they are, fighting a never-ending struggle to survive in our modern, man-made world.
Robert has won numerous awards, including being showcased in the American Photography 36 annual, multiple honors from PDN (Photo District News), in addition to having his work be a part of the Polaroid collection. A long-time member of APA (American Photographic Artists), he has served on the National board as a Vice- President, as well Chairman of the New York board. Robert is also long-time member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), and served for several years on the Board of the New York Chapter.
In addition to commercial assignments for a variety of international clients, Robert also teaches photography to students from all over the world, and he volunteers with a number of humanitarian organizations, including the GMHC, Pablove Foundation and Cut Red Tape 4 Heroes.
In 2020, he was included in the exhibit #ICPConcerned, on display at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City.
Robert’s most recent solo exhibition, in July 2019, was an installation entitled Negativityness Reconsidered, in which he displayed three large-scale photographic images set in a curated organic environment, inside a street level window gallery in Tribeca, in New York City.
This is his first exhibit with the Christine Frechard Gallery.

Negativityness Abounds

This ongoing project started as my response to the political climate in America for the last several years - everything seems to be about negativity, about division, about what is truth (and what is inarguably false, yet touted as truth). It is about how the surface of things can be 180 degrees opposite from what is underneath; it is about falsehoods and unseen influence. It is about discordance, about disorientation, about a world turned upside down and inside out. What was familiar and perhaps mundane has now taken on a sense of surrealism and unfamiliarity, which leaves us feeling unsure, confused and helpless, powerless to get a handle on events affecting our daily lives.

Even now, with the advent of Covid-19, the lies and misinformation continue unabated worldwide, and my series has broadened to deal with visual representations related to the pandemic. Lately my imagery has also grown to include buildings and landmarks, which had pretty much closed and became deserted- what would happen to them if nature took hold, if vegetation overgrew the familiar and transformed it into something altogether different and foreign looking, but also strange and beautiful?

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