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Gallery Rentals

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Gallery Rentals

Christine Frechard Gallery is available for special events and receptions by those who desire a unique setting for their special event. The rental agreement and fees have been developed with careful consideration of the impact that such events will have on gallery facilities. Special events must be organized so that the works of art are not endangered in any way. The gallery reserves the right to refuse rental for any events deemed inappropriate for the space or potentially damaging to the artwork. Christine Frechard Gallery provides space, utilities, and limited kitchen facilities. Gallery rental occupancy is limited to 100 persons. Sales of or inquiries about Gallery artwork during an event are welcomed.


1. Rental Fees:

A reservation fee of 50% of the estimated rental fee is required to reserve the space, due upon execution of this agreement. The rental agreement and checklist must be completed and signed. The balance is due two weeks prior to the special event. Rental starts when things are brought inside the gallery space on the day of the event.

  • FEES: $100 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours rental (= $400) After 4 hours, a $100 fee per hour will be charged.

2. A Security and Damage Deposit:

In addition to the rental fee, the renter is required to provide credit card information to be held on file. $500 will be held until the end of the rental time and will be canceled if no damage was done. Any damage to artwork will be the responsibility of the renter and will be charged at the cost of the piece damaged or the cost of repairs at the discretion of the artist.

3. A cleanup or additional fees of $100 will be required if the gallery is uncleaned.

4. Payment Schedule:

No event may begin without full payment of the rental fees and security deposit. If all fees are not paid as specified in this agreement, Christine Frechard Gallery may remove the event from its calendar without arranging for an alternative date.

5. Agreement:

The rental agreement and checklist must be executed and the reservation fee and security deposit information collected two weeks prior to the event being placed.


Cancellation within two weeks of the event will result in a $250 charge; however, all other fees will be refunded.


1. The checklist and floor plan will delineate setup details and planned placement of tables, chairs, podiums, freestanding decorations, equipment, etc.

2. Rental time includes setup and cleanup. Renter must plan for the vacating of all parties from the gallery by midnight, including cleanup.

3. Renter is responsible for all set up including chairs, tables, and other furniture or equipment. The gallery owns a limited number of tables and chairs which may be used at no additional charge. The gallery does not provide linens or table coverings. The gallery does not provide a microphone or PA.

4. All rental equipment, linens, etc. must be delivered during business hours no earlier than the weekday prior to the event. They must be picked up during business hours on the first weekday immediately following the event. Before or after those days, a charge of $50 per day will be assessed for storage of items not belonging to the gallery. Lost and found items will be stored for 30 days and then donated to a charitable organization.

5. Artwork may not be touched, moved or altered by the renter. The gallery only will accommodate movement of a limited amount of art.

7. Renter may not adjust lighting. No candles, fires, pyrotechnics, smoke or bubble machines may be used.

8. Post-event cleanup is the responsibility of the renter; failure to do so immediately following the event may result in the reduction of the security deposit refund. The gallery will provide cleaning equipment/supplies.


All food preparation and service must be arranged and provided by the renter.  The gallery has a small kitchen space, appropriate for food and beverage service, to assist with serving food. Any cooking is prohibited. No cooking of any kind is permitted inside or outside the gallery. If alcoholic beverages are served, renter takes all responsibility for loss or damage as a result of their misuse and indemnifies the gallery against any and all claims of injury or damage as a result of such service. It is the responsibility of the renter to not serve alcohol to minors or to allow an excess intake of alcohol by any attendee. Alcohol cannot be sold, either directly or through a cover charge, without a proper permit, to be arranged and displayed by the renter. Professional bartending services must be licensed with the Pennsylvanian Alcoholic Beverage Commission and must provide proof of liability insurance upon request.

Smoking is not allowed in the gallery. If the fire alarm system is set off due to negligence and nonobservance of regulations, the renter will be responsible for all call out costs, fines, and penalties. All rubbish and recycled generated by renter must be taken by the lessor with clean up.



Opening Hours

Wed-Sat: 12pm - 6pm
Or by Appointment

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