Christine Frechard Gallery Memories


Join us for the opening reception of the Memories exhibition, featuring multi-disciplinary artist Masha Tatarintseva, media artist Dr. Victor Grauer, and photographer David Aschkenas. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, June 29th from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. The exhibit will be on display until July 30th.

Masha Tatarintseva’s blends theater, film/animation, and immersion into her art. Her most recent work explores the issue of immigrant self-identity. Family Tree was originally viewed in 2016, at Automata Art Space in Los Angeles, but was remounted following the murders at the Tree of Life Synagogue. Masha was a part of this community growing up as a member of the Russian and Jewish communities in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Victor Grauer is a composer, musicologist, filmmaker, installation artist, poet, dramatist, and media artist. His work during the Memories exhibition features film and video as a means of poetic expression and visual exploration. During the exhibit, Grauer will combine a display of two works with a series of inkjet prints based on still images drawn from both.

David Aschkenas has been a photographer in Pittsburgh for 30 years, specializing in editorial and fine art photography. His work has been featured in the Carnegie Museum of Art, The Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, the University of Alaska Museum, The Polaroid Corporation, The Howard Heinz Endowment, and The A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Foundation.

We hope you will join us as we kick off the Memories exhibition at the Christine Frechard Gallery!