Christine Frechard Gallery Summertime


Samir Elsabee was born in Egypt in a farm, where his love of art blossomed at an early age. Samir has been an US citizen for over 40 years. His artwork has spread to 4 continents, in museums, embassies, and private collections in France, Mexico, Sudan, Poland, Egypt, and the U.S., where he now resides, in Pittsburgh. Samir ‘s work is at the Children Museum in Washington DC, The Museum of Art in Alexandria,  Egypt, and the museum of Art in Khartoum, Soudan.

Jonelle Summerfield is an oil painter from Indiana, PA. She received a degree in Interior Design fromIndiana University of Pennsylvania in 2001. She began painting as a hobby shortly thereafter, taking lessons from her mother, Jolene Joyner. After taking workshops with other artists she admired, she began to paint full time in 2012. Her paintings are impressionistic, and her subjects include interiors, street scenes, animals and still lives, among others. European travel is one of her biggest influences, and the artist travels to obtain her own reference photos for each painting. The goal of her work is to depict the good things in life to provide relief from a chaotic world.