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Service Held At Squirrel Hill Art Gallery In Honor Of Paris Attacks

SQUIRREL HILL (KDKA)- Dozens of people attended a service at the Christine Frechard Gallery in Squirrel Hill to pay their respects to the hundreds of people suffering in Paris.

French singing captured the hearts of many, and a moment of silence took place to honor the victims.

“I’m just not here. I can feel a disconnection. France is my people. I’m bleeding inside. I feel sadness as well as anger,” Christine Frechard, owner of Christine Frechard Gallery, said.

Frechard is from Champagne, France, but has been living in the United States for 20 years.

“Too much uncontrollable things happening and tomorrow, maybe it’s the United States. We don’t know,” Frechard said.

In Greenfield, French Cultural Center Director Benedicte Barlat has been glued to a French television station ever since she learned of the attacks.

“It sort of brings back memories from Sept. 11, because I was here. But, you also had the same feeling,” Barlat said.

She is a native of Nancy, France.  Barlat has lived in the U.S. for 31 years, but still has relatives and good friends in the country.

“I talked to a friend this morning who lived very close to at least two of the restaurants where people were killed,” Barlat said.

The same question keeps popping in Barlat’s mind.

“You first wonder if it is going to stop? Where is this all going because you don’t know if they planned more attacks,” Barlat said.

Barlat says she’s not surprised a terrorist attack happened. She’s more surprised that so many people were injured and killed.

“This is showing a lot of organization. Before it was one man here and there and maybe not so organized, but managed to accomplish what they wanted to do,” Barlat said.

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