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Pier Luigi SLIS

I consider the chance to administer one’s time the only wealth or treasure. To manage one’s own time it is often necessary to transgress. The intended disobedience as a constant searching for new paths cuts me off from space and time allowing me to feel free. I search for the faults in the system, the imperfections of the rules in order to circumvent them in order to give them back through my conduct or action under a different point of view. In spite of this, I live in a constant sense of dissatisfaction and poverty, which I am only able to placate through experiencing the union to All. My work brings me into an intimate contact with the Divine. For me, it is a type of natural prayer with which I am able to feel joy. The exertion, the material detachment and thus the destruction are fundamental components that help me fall into the depths of my research and to be a participant the same time.
I prefer to draw than paint. I do not follow defined methods finalized for an esthetic result. I use light and shadows resulting in the testimony to a process of reflection. I draw so I can hold and analyze a thought. The tag visibly defines my position, the intermediary between work and observer, suggesting a triangulation designed for confrontation and debate.
I observe the whole in order to hold on to what occurs in the detail. Man is what he builds and what he destroys and is the result of his actions. I always hypothesize an escape route.

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