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Cosmogram is a series of multiple format paintings inspired by the graphs and maps that
describe the behavior of the universe, in this specific case it is the pie charts used in

My connection with this matter is not only manifested through energy, but also through the
visuality and cultural history they offer me. On the one hand, pre-Columbian cultures used
cosmograms to decorate their vessels and fetish objects, as an ancient way of imagining
and understanding the universe. On the other hand, the sculptural tradition of contemporary
Land Art insisted on archetypal forms that compose matter to, instead of representing
landscapes, create them in space.

With my pictorial research I intend to find a middle ground between fetish objects that
motivate a vision and a poetic system of the non-western world, but with a strong influence
of the materiality and definition of landscape used by Land Art that uses stone, earth and
terrain to bring the representation closer to the direct perception of nature.

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