Liza Brenner

“I read a lot of books about past leaders,” Brenner says. “This painting reflects my opinion of how some people are oblivious to the present and the past. They listen and believe the media. They forget about the horrible tragedies of the past, i.e. the battle of Sand Creek. They forget about the great leaders of the past and what they went through to become great. Not always an easy path. The deer represent the oblivion of the present. The paintings on the wall represent leaders or events.” Finally, Brenner tackles the American obsession with talk shows in “What Does Phil Donahue Think?” I actually was going to try to contact him and ask him since he is still alive,” Brenner says about Donahue. “I asked a bunch of people who they thought started the dramatic, over-the-top talk shows and news we see on TV. Several names were mentioned, and I settled on Phil. He, for me, was the most recognizable of all of them. I think people get sucked into the media and fall for the drama, not necessarily the truth. This work is representing us as monkeys. We can’t seem to get away from our TVs, phones, and computers and are being brainwashed. What does Phil think of the news today? What does he think of reality TV? Does he have an iPhone?”

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