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Laura D'Andrea

The art of Laura D’Andrea features original, stimulating and important representations which, [in addition to the concreteness of the materials she utilizes,] allow the viewers to perceive the profound and richly imaginative significance of her message.

Indeed, the artist offers us a complex symbolic communication: starting from the concreteness of the present, which is [probably] represented by the materials she utilizes as the foundation of her work, it then reaches the heights of richly imaginative representations.

The viewer is able to appreciate the elements of classical culture, often present in the artist’s work, which [however] seem to feature completely new characteristics, with [transparencies] that transcend the present and lead us to perceive the future as well as the past. This apparently renewed view of [the classic world], by means of archaic and classical shapes, offers us elegant and profound [transparencies] which evoke time and infinite space.

Laura D' Andrea, Fire Land.jpg
Laura D'Andrea, Lights of Rome.jpg
Laura D'Andrea, Angels Bath.jpg
Luce dopo Eclissi a Roma, Light after eclipse in Rome.jpg
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