Larry Neal

By blending and mixing colors, over the past five years I have used these techniques to create photo realistic paintings. The concepts of my pieces often focus on the color spectrum needed to create life like paintings.  Focusing on the form of the painting, I explore the history of hues, values and contrast. Pulling from various aspects of the color spectrum, I layout a multitude of colors ranging from cool to warm, primary to secondary and dark to light. While creating the human form I focus most of the detail on the human skin, developing multiple layers to create a photo realistic image. Developing compound layers with wide-ranging surface colors are imperative to define and shape the form of the painting.


Behind each of my art pieces, my desire is to show that despite the tension and division around the world- both past and present- the one thing we have in common are the colors of life. My overall vision is to develop a collection of work that uses an assortment of colors to create photo realistic paintings. The feeling of being able to create something with your own hands is extraordinary, even more special though, is the idea that your art can make a person feel something within. My goal is to continue to develop my technique, using colors and creative imagery to bring a canvas to life.