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David Aschkenas

A message from one of the gallery Artists:


In these  challenging time of self isolation, I thought I might share with you some of my favorite photographs made in Italy during the last 20 years.  The photographs were made in Rome, Venice, Florence,Naples, Siena, and Ostia Antica. 
My original thought was just to share the images, (over 200 photos),  for folks with cabin fever, dreaming about going to Italy, but I decided to partner with Christine Frechard Gallery  to make the photographs available for sale at very reduced prices ( 40 % off).
If you see a photograph that you love and would like to own, you can order from the Christine Frechard Gallery using the file number that is above each photo.  When viewing the web gallery, click on an image to enlarge.  The file number / reference number of the image will appear above the image.

I am offering prints in two sizes.  The print sizes are 17” x 24” ($270.00 instead of $450)
and 24” x 35”,  ( $390 instead of $650)  with approximately a one inch border all around.
These sizes are approximate as the dimensions of some of the photos vary.  Christine will handle sales and shipping the print to you. Christine will email you the gallery Paypal account to purchase.
The sale will last 30 days, but might be extended if there is interest. Please,  just enjoy viewing some of my favorite Italian images.

Here is the link :

By purchasing, you show support to a local art gallery and local artist.

Thank you so much, be well

David Aschkenas

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