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Jim Jenkins

Agustina Miñones

The Magical World of Jim Jenkins

Through the 1960’s and 70’s, Jim Jenkins was a well-known figure in the Pittsburgh art community.  Originally focused on painting, Jenkins eventually gained notoriety with his “Box Art” — surrealistic scenes including intricate figures and landscapes housed in glass-fronted boxes.  Many of his creations also incorporated fluorescent colors with ultra-violet “black lights” to generate striking images to provoke the viewers' imagination.  As he said in a newspaper article at the time, “My boxes are stage settings wherein the viewer provides the story and dialogue.”

Jenkins's creations were exhibited in one-man shows at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, the Westmoreland Museum of Art in Greensburg, Pa, The Butler Museum of Art in Youngstown, Oh., and the Genesis Galleries in New York City.

Jenkins moved to Rhode Island in the 1980s where he continued his artistic endeavors until his death in 2010.


Art Manifesto

My art is a bridge between what’s there and what isn’t, between reality and fantasy, desire, and fear.  One of the most important topics in my work are women’s bodies and spaces that bodies inhabit, how society treats women’s bodies.  In reality, the judgment and violence that apply to our bodies are relentless. I create a new universe with our resilient bodies, a space without fear of exposing one’s own vulnerability.  From this premise I was also generating different lines of work in photography and installations. Another important part of my work is the relationship between women and death. Femicide has been  a constant threat to women for ages, my art is a solidarity for women to stand out, be vocal and fight.

Born in Rosario in 1991, she is a visual artist currently based in the city of Santo Tomé. She was trained in Visual Arts at the Juan Mantovani School of Fine Arts from the National University of Rosario (UNR). She works with different disciplines, mainly drawing, tackling different topics among which the problems of feminism stand out. She has received several recognitions, including the Novel Artist Award from the AAPS and the Ramseyer-Dayer Foundation Award. She has opened four individual exhibitions to date and has participated in several collective exhibitions. She also collaborates with the Mesa Ni Una Menos of Santa Fe with the Feminist Artists and Women Workers of the Santa Fe Culture Front.


  • Superior Technique in Visual Arts: Institute of Higher Education “Juan Mantovani” – Santa Fe. (Studying the Last Year)

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: National University of Rosario / Faculty of Humanities and Arts – Rosario. (Running)

  • Bachelor with Orientation “Communication, Art and Design”: School of Secondary Education No. 331 “Alte. Brown “- Santa Fe



  • “Oráculos de la Lejanía”, February 2018, Centro Experimental del Color, City of Santa Fe. Drawing.

  • “Oropel Epistles” March 2018, Municipal Museum Estrada Bello, City of Santo Tomé. Drawing, collage and installation

  • “Small Conquests on the Horizon” April 2018, Headquarters of the PSOE in the Federal Capital. Drawing, Painting, Collage.

  • “Dioramas del Thanatos” July 2018, Ramseyer Dayer Foundation, City of Hope. Photography and mini-installation


  • Hall Spring 2017, City of Santa Fe (Drawing)

  • Annual Hall 2017, Museum “Hector Borla”, City of Hope (Collage)

  • Microformat Hall 2017, Faculty of Humanities and Arts, UNR, Rosario (drawing)

  • ENREDA 2017, Faculty of Humanities and Arts, UNR, Rosario. (Drawing and mini-installation)

  • Private Collections 2018, Municipal Museum of Pilar, Bs. As. (Drawing and painting)

  • “Return to the genuine” 2018, OSDE Foundation, Santa Fe. (Installation)

  • 0″Legal abortion in Argentina: Will be Law” 2018, Itinerant in the city of Rosario (Drawing)

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